Is Your Business Getting A Good Conversion Rate?

Do you have a follow system for prospects/ leads that gives a good conversion rate? Are your lead generation efforts being wasted? Do you know who has contacted your business? Are you easy to do business with? Have you ever contacted a business just to find that they do not appear to want your business? You phone to ask for more information but the information you requested never turns up. When you call you are put in a queue that tells you that they might deign to speak to you in 15 minutes time. You go to a website to look at a business but it loads very slowly or the information on there is confusing.

These sales leads are not easy to generate in the first place, it is your lead generation and conversion rate that turns into your sales. For a successful business you must have a systematic process for lead conversion. Your business will, of course, not be guilty of any of the above as you will ensure that you are easy to do business with. On the phone you are courteous, follow up information is sent out promptly and nothing is too much trouble for your potential customer.

We know that doing business is about relationships and they are not built by not returning phone calls or following three months later. In your private life, if you were trying to start a new relationship and were invited out and your answer came three months later you would expect to get told where to go. When anyone contacts your business do have a systematic way of following up with them. The people contacting are prospects or leads, in other words your future business, they must be felt loved and cared for by your business. lead conversion squared review

Why do you have a system? It is an acronym for it Saves You Time Stress Energy and Money, in other words, it increases your profits. These are some of the methods to follow up with:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Post
  • Brochure
  • Catalogue
  • Personal Visit
  • Newsletter
  • Ezine
  • Information booklet
  • Links for looking up further information
  • Press Cuttings
  • Tips
  • Invitations
  • Samples

What has to be remembered is that can take up to 24 contacts with a lead to convert them into a definite piece of business. Your system must be a tactical follow up process that moves someone from a lead to a customer. Your system must document what the process is, what the follow-up contact method will be and how long will elapse between each contact. The process must, also, record when a lead became a customer to understand which contact method works best with your leads. The lead conversion system is about building a relationship, each contact is aimed at adding value to improve the relationship. You want your prospective customer to get to know you, like you and trust you so that becoming as customer will be obviously the right thing to do. Make sure that you are easy to do business so that you do not lose out on any business leads and that you have an industry leading conversion rate

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